HCG-49 Series LiFePO4 battery

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Our HCG-49 Series can be applied in various fields such as RV, Marine, Golf cart, Light EV etc.. and have the following ket benefits:

  • Higher qualified cylindrical cell: 

UL1642, IEC 62619, IEC 62133 listed with Cycle life more than 3000 times and excellent consistency.

  • Strong BMS:

Can support the batteries in parallel and series connection.

  • More stable and firm internal structure:

Cell holders can well protect and separate the cells to avoid any circuit short risk caused by vibration or impact or over current, and improve the heat dissipation.

  • Smaller size and less weight:

The size of our battery is just 3/4 size of the standard 12V 200Ah battery from other suppliers.

  • 3000 times cycle @100% DOD; 6000 times cycle @80%DOD


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