Charge HQ support:



OCPP Support:



Bluetooth, WiFi

Solar tracking:

Yes. Optional CT Clamp

Maximum Home Load Control:

Yes - Option

Maximum charging speed:

Single phase: 7kW, 3 phase: 22kW

Connector types:

Type 2 Connector, Type 2 Socket

Programmable timer:


Smartphone app:


More information:

Manufacturers website

Available charger models

The ZJ Beny AC EV charger is available in a number of different variants, each supporting different features. See:

Charge HQ compatibility

The following models are compatible with Charge HQ

  • BCP-A2N-L OCPP Version (Single phase, tethered)
  • BCP-B2N-L OCPP Version (Single phase, socket)
  • BCP-AT2N-L OCPP Version (3 phase, tethered)
  • BCP-BT2N-L OCPP Version (3 phase, socket)

IMPORTANT: As we understand, each of the above models is available in either a Smart Version or an OCPP version, each having the same model number. You must explicitly order the OCPP version. The smart version does not support OCPP.

The following models do not support OCPP so it is not possible to use them with Charge HQ:

  • BCP-A1-L, BCP-A2-L, BCP-B1-L, BCP-B2-L (1 phase, non-smart)
  • BCP-A1D-L, BCP-A2D-L, BCP-B1D-L, BCP-B2D-L (1 phase, non-smart, DLB)
  • BCP-A1S-L, BCP-A2S-L, BCP-B1S-L, BCP-B2S-L (1 phase, smart, no OCPP)
  • BCP-A1N-L, BCP-B1N-L (1 phase, smart, no RFID)

DLB / Solar Hardware Kit

The supported models can include an optional (Dynamic Load Balancing) DLB / Solar hardware kit, which allows the charger to perform basic solar charging. This option requires the installation of additional hardware in your meter box (a control box and some CT clamps). If you are planning to use a ZJ Beny charger with Charge HQ, you do not need this additional hardware.

Please check out the article from ChargeHQ to see whether this additional hardware is provided by your solar system: Supported solar inverter or battery.

The DLB kit can be used to manage maximum demand for electricity in a home. The DLB kit can be used in parallel with Charge HQ for this purpose. In such cases the maximum rate of charge will be set to the lower of the charge rate set by the DLB kit OR Charge HQ.

Feature notes

  • ZJ Beny AC charger models which support OCPP do not appear to provide a smart phone App that can be used to directly control the charger. All control most be via an OCPP service such as Charge HQ.